It was hard to top last year’s epic Pi Day, but since you can round Pi to this year’s date (3.1416), I figured I should at least try. We enjoyed reading through Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi again (I highly recommend it!), and I finally found the Moon Pies I was looking for last year as a special treat. For dinner, we had English muffin pizzas again, and once again we had French Silk pie for dessert (it didn’t look as nice as last year’s model, but it still tasted great!):

I enjoy these fun little holidays, but I kind of wish Pi Day could have fallen during a less busy week this year!


Today was the Pi Day to end all Pi days…not only 3-14, as the case is every year, but 3-14-15, the Pi Day that math nerds will have to wait another 100 years to see again. Of course we had to do something special!

We made do-it-yourself mini English muffin pizza (pies) for dinner, with a French Silk pie for dessert. And, as an extra special treat, we had (not quite) Moon Pies with lunch. Such a fun and delicious holiday!

(And in case you were wondering, I made Turkey and Bunny calculate the area of our French Silk pie, now that they know that the area of a circle equals pi times the radius squared, and it came out to 63.585 inches squared!)