Lime Bikes

Have you noticed bright green bikes all over St. Louis? Even though I will likely never use one, I’m really excited to see Lime Bikes all over the city!

If you’re unfamiliar with it, Lime Bike is a bike sharing program. You can use an app on your phone to locate the nearest bike (they’re all equipped with GPS), unlock the bike with a QR code, and you’re off! When you’re done, simply park the dockless bike (according to city regulations, of course), and you’re good to go!

Since they unveiled the program last month, I’ve seen these bright green bicycles everywhere…all around Forest Park, at the Missouri Botanical Garden, up and down Hampton Avenue, in downtown St. Louis…they’re clearly very popular. People really seem to be enjoying them (and I like the cheerful sound of the bell the bike is equipped with as people go by!), and I think this program could be really beneficial for the city…it’s a great way to make St. Louis more accessible at a low cost and in an environmentally friendly way. And it looks like Ofo, which is a Lime Bike competitor offering bright yellow bikes, has finally launched their program in St. Louis, too, after experiencing some delays.

Have you tried a bike sharing program? What did you think?

A Spring Sunday in Tower Grove Park

One of the nice things about driving into St. Louis for choir rehearsal after church on Sundays is that I get to visit some places I otherwise normally wouldn’t. Today I took a walk around Tower Grove Park, and as is always the case in spring, it was love at first sight!

A Beautiful Spring Morning in Forest Park

Yesterday we headed to Forest Park for an end-of-the-year field trip. Most of our morning was spent at the St. Louis Zoo, where we finally got to see the new grizzly bears. Before we went home, though, we also needed to visit beautiful Art Hill, where we saw the tulips in full bloom. We also finally got see a St. Louis Mounted Police officer go by, which was amusing, and something of a shock even though we knew the mounted police patrol the park…there are just some things you don’t expect to see on Art Hill!

Chinese Culture Days at the Missouri Botanical Garden

On Saturday the weather was beautiful, and festival season has begun in the St. Louis area, so we spent the afternoon at the Missouri Botanical Garden’s Chinese Culture Days!

We started at the Cohen Amphitheater, where we saw the “Ethnic Charms of China” demonstration, which included various forms of dance, martial arts performances, and lions and dragons:

We stopped by the Chinese Garden, where we saw a demonstration of a traditional Chinese wedding:

We saw a dragon dance around the Central Axis reflecting pools:

And we saw a Chinese Square Dance, which is VERY different from American square dancing!

The highlight of the day may have been the grand parade, though. We got to see dancers and drummers, lions and dragons, acrobats and martial artists, all in beautiful costumes as they walked by, some performing as they went!

Before we left, we took a walk through the (extremely busy) food court…it looked and smelled delicious!

This was our first visit to Chinese Culture Days, but I’m pretty sure it won’t be our last…it was a lot of fun!

Searching for Spring in St. Louis

I think we can all agree this has been a rough winter. Thankfully, St. Louis hasn’t had snowstorm upon snowstorm like so many places around the country have, but we also haven’t had our normal spring, either. I am hopeful, however, that this morning was the last morning I will wake up to freezing temperatures (until next fall), and today actually ended up being a beautiful day, so I went searching for spring, and I found it in Forest Park!

The Linnean House–April

It’s finally starting to look like spring in St. Louis!

UPDATE: We returned to the Garden on April 21st for Chinese Culture Days, and I couldn’t believe how much the view had changed less than two weeks later!