Life Goes On

Today marks exactly one month since we learned we had lost our baby. It has also been exactly one week since I had the D&C because the miscarriage didn’t complete on its own.

Not really a stellar day for me, but as they say, “Life goes on.”

I doubt we’ll every completely get over it, and I don’t really think we’re supposed to. Yes, life has pretty much returned to normal. Daily tasks are being accomplished–the house is clean (more or less), laundry is done, school has been taught, meals have been cooked. But the knowledge is there, and will always be there, that someone is missing from our family. As long as we are on this earth, there will also be an empty seat at our table, so to speak.

But, we are a people of hope. And so we hope for a joyous reunion in Heaven someday, when we will be reunited with Jesse, as well as other family members that have already gone before us, and together we will all worship at the foot of Jesus’s throne.

Yes, life goes on. And we do have hope, but that doesn’t mean that the hurt isn’t still there, while we are still here.

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