A Typical Saturday?

This morning, we ventured out to run some errands, as is our custom on Saturday mornings. Today’s errands, however, involved a trip to Rural King. Now, I bet you’re wondering why in the world we would be going to Rural King. Well, they had some new items in stock that we needed to check out.

I bet you can imagine which member of our family was happiest about this stop!

Actually, all of the children were enthralled by the bunnies. Ladybug was very amused that this bunny seemed intent on eating the flowers off of her dress!

We also learned that some unsuspecting customer may get a big bunny surprise–we watched one of the girl bunnies jump the fence into the boy bunny side, and also saw a boy bunny attempting the same feat in the opposite direction! Someone’s going to get a little more bunny than they bargained for, I’m sure!

I, for one, am amazed that we made it out of the store without buying one. It’s very difficult to resist a face this cute!

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