Tasty Tuesday–Beast Craft BBQ: Brisket Philly

Beast does an amazing job of creating new, unique sandwiches that highlight their many amazing food items, but they are also great at making standard favorites with a Beast twist. Enter the Brisket Philly:


Brisket and burnt ends on a bun, with cheese sauce (no swiss or provel here!), grilled onions, and poblano peppers. I can’t even decide what it is that makes this sandwich great! The homemade cheese sauce (instead of the standard Cheez Whiz), is amazing. I think the genius of this particular creation, though, is the poblano peppers. They add a smoky quality to the sandwich that is amazing, and really give it that Beast touch, setting it apart from other Philly sandwich creations. I highly recommend giving this a chance the next time it appears on Beast’s menu!

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