2018-19 School Year–Week Thirty-Five

We’re desperately trying to finish up everything we have to do before the end of the school year!

Turkey and Bunny learned about vectors in math, which wasn’t too bad, but I think they’re a little scared about math and science next year, now! In chemistry, they learned about the factors that change the rate of a chemical reaction, and studied the pH scale a little bit. We’ve also had some really good discussions about To Kill a Mockingbird.

Ladybug read about the founding of Newfoundland in history. In science, she learned about how horses and people communicate, especially through body language. She read and analyzed Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Bells” in writing, which is one of my favorite poems to study, but does have the unfortunate side effect of getting stuck in my head! There was some peril in Brighty of the Grand Canyon, and we’re hoping everything turns out ok in the final two chapters!

Chickadee had a week of review. She only has one math lesson and a test left, plus a bit of spelling and handwriting. She did read a book for the first time (A Fly Went By) but I don’t think it really had any unfamiliar words, so it was pretty much just fun. Mostly, she’s just excited about being a second-grader soon!

We have just about seven days of school left…I can’t believe the 2018-19 school year is almost over!


Today is Ladybug’s 12th birthday!

We got an early start to the day, so she could open her presents before breakfast. She received a lot of new Lego: Avengers sets, which she was very excited about. She had, however, figured out what our gift to her was before she opened it, which was disappointing to me.

She planned out every detail of her day, which involved watching a lot of Avengers movies (including Iron Man and The Avengers), plus the Lego Movie 2. I was a big fan of the dinner she chose, because it’s also my favorite…Reuben casserole. And she picked a very chocolaty cake for dessert, filled with both dark and white chocolate mousse, and topped with a whipped chocolate ganache. I couldn’t resist adding trick candles!

I think it was a very fun birthday…I hope she had as good a time as I did!

Chickadee Thursday

Today is Ladybug’s 12th birthday, so of course Chickadee wanted to take a picture with her!

We had a very Avengers-and-Lego-themed day, which explains pretty much everything about this picture!

Tasty Tuesday–Gyros Night

One of my favorite things about making lamb for Easter is that we often have enough leftovers to freeze so we can enjoy gyros in the weeks following. I’m not claiming they’re authentic (I’m certainly not shaving the meat off of a vertical rotisserie!), but I do make homemade tzatziki sauce to go with them, so the flavor is pretty much what I remember from growing up in the Chicago area!

Quote of the Day

This line, spoken by Admiral Kirk at Captain Spock’s beautiful, is a beautiful tribute to a complex character:

Of my friend, I can only say this: of all the souls I have encountered in my travels, his was the most… human. William Shatner as Admiral Kirk in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Sartorial Saturday…On a Sunday–The Third Sunday of Easter

It seems like all we’ve had lately are grey, dismal days, so today, I went with what be the most cheery outfit I own!

I don’t know why this dress photographed so…almost purple, I guess? But even though the photos make the colors look a little weird, it doesn’t change how cheerful it it!

2018-19 School Year–Week Thirty-Four

We’re another week closer to the end of the school year!’

Turkey and Bunny were really hoping they were done with new material in math, and would just be doing review for the final weeks of the school year…and then they were hit with equations with three variables. I wasn’t sure any of us had the brain power to deal with that, but they learned how to do the problems quickly, and it really wasn’t that bad! They completed their creative writing course, by writing a poem in any style and about any topic they wanted to, and they did an excellent job!!! In history, they learned about the rise of the Turks as well as Spain…Spain during the time when the show at Medieval Times is set (they even read about the place after which our Kingdom of Navarra was modeled), which was kind of fun.

Ladybug learned how to figure interest over different periods of time in math. Her science lessons focused on horse behavior. She wrote a six paragraph essay about Marie Antoinette in writing. Her history lessons focused on Queen Elizabeth I and Shakespeare…she even read a shortened version of Macbeth.

Chickadee finished her last regular lesson in this year’s Explode the Code books, and she only has a review lesson left. She read some more books by herself, including one of Turkey’s favorites, Go, Dog, Go. She also started subtracting three-digit numbers in math.

I can’t believe how close we are to being done…but we still have quite a bit of work to plow through before we get our break!

Six Months Later…

Today marks the sixth month anniversary of that dark day when I broke my ankle. At the time, six months might as well have been an eternity, but to be honest, it now seems like a lifetime ago that it happened!

So, how have the last sixth months been? The first two weeks were the worst pain of my life, and that includes the recovery period from each of the FIVE c-sections I’ve had. I truly wondered if it would ever feel better, if I would ever be able to stand up without dealing with ridiculous amounts of burning pain ever again, would ever be able to walk like I used to again. Not to mention, would my foot/ankle/leg ever look normal again?!? Seriously, it was gruesome:

Fortunately, all of that is a distant memory. It was really like a flip switched after the first two weeks, and my recovery went pretty quickly after that, and I was even able to think about fashion again! I was out of the CAM boot just before Christmas, started my physical therapy, which thankfully I was able to do at home, and was done with the ankle brace about a month after that. It became clear to me pretty quickly that I was able to walk the long distances I was used to, in about the same amount of time that I previously did, that I could climb things to take photographs, and that I could do my normal housework without any limitations or difficulties.

Today, most of the lingering issues I have are all in my head. I have a moment of terror every time I start walking down a flight of stairs, remembering how my ankle twisted under me and snapped that day six months ago. I am super careful about each step I take, each placement of my feet, especially the left one. I also get a little paranoid every time something touches the left ankle, because I still expect it hurt, even after all this time. I will admit, that I do still have some pain, especially when rain is approaching (which has been pretty much a constant in the St. Louis area this spring), and I wonder sometimes if that’s permanent. If I spend a lot of time on my feet, I still have some residual swelling, too, which I am told is normal. But I was also told when I initially broke the ankle that it could take up to a year for it to return to normal, so hopefully it’s still too soon to tell if any of these inconveniences are my new normal.

It’s funny how traumatic this was when it happened, and how long ago and unimportant it seems now. But, as I look back on the days when I was burdened, first with crutches, then with the knee scooter (there’s no way I would have survived our Christmas trip to Chicago without it!), and CAM boot, I am satisfied with how much I got done, in spite of the pain and the fact that I was moving slow, and how I was able to keep going…and I’m also thankful for the help I had along the way!