Quote of the Day

This monologue from Once Upon a Time is one of my favorites. I’m not going to lie, when he gets to “a man named Walt,” I always tear up a bit!

“There have been many authors throughout time. It’s a job, not a person, and the one trapped in here was just the last tasked with the great responsibility: To record, to witness, the greatest stories of all time and record them for posterity. The job has gone back eons: From the man who watched shadows dance across cave walls and developed an entire philosophy, to playwrights who tell tales of poetry, to a man named Walt. Many have had this sacred job. Great women and men who took on the responsibility with the gravity that it deserved, until this last one. He started to manipulate rather than record. He did something, I don’t know exactly what, but something that pushed them over the edge.” Eion Bailey as August W. Booth in Once Upon a Time

Mani Monday

Today is the first of a series of three very special Mani Mondays featuring looks that represent the flags of my heritage. I’m beginning with the one closet to me, the red and white flag of Austria, the birthplace of my grandfather. I alternated Bésame Cosmetics “Holiday Red” with Sally Hansen Miracle Gel “Get Mod” to create the stripes, and of course I couldn’t leave out the edelweiss!

Parents and Family Weekend

This weekend, we got to visit Bunny for Parents and Family Weekend at her college! We’ve been there before, but it was fun to see some of her favorite things and check out where her classes are!

We got to go to “Donuts with the Dean” while we were there, visit the campus Starbucks (I think we’re calling it “Starbies” now), walk all the way to the top of the hill, and attend a volleyball game (we won!). It was a beautiful day, to boot, and we had a really fun time!

We even got to have Zaxby’s, which is a real treat for me!

The most special thing to me, besides seeing her (of course), was getting a picture of all the children. I know she hasn’t even been gone for a whole month, but I was really happy to get a new photo of the Fab Five together.

I’m not going to lie…Thanksgiving feels like a long time from now, but that’s when we get to see her next!

Sartorial Saturday–The Eponymous Dress

I’m very excited to share my first purchase from the new autumn/winter collection, Exquisite, from Miss Candyfloss, and the reason I am so excited about will be very obvious…it’s the lovely Amanda-Sunrise swing dress!

Yes, when I realized that one of the new dresses shares my name, I knew I had to add it to my wardrobe. But it’s not just tastefully named…it’s also the perfect dress for fall! The colors are warm and gorgeous, I love the tulip sleeves, and the skirt is wonderfully soft and cozy!

I accessorized with a stack of Splendette Duchess Bangles, an Erstwilder brooch, velvet gloves, and my favorite hat:

Everything about this look just screams autumn!!!

I’m looking forward to sharing a few other pieces from this collection that might not share my name, but certainly called it!

2023-24 School Year–Week Three

This week, Ladybug learned how to work with trig tables in trigonometry. She continued to work with one-dimensional motion problems in physics, this week focusing on free fall and vertical velocity and acceleration. In grammar, she continued to work with comma rules. At this point, we’re really excited to see what happens next in The Hound of the Baskervilles! In US history, she started reading about early English colonization of the Americas. In world history, she read about Peter Abelard and his conflicts with Bernard of Clairvaux, as well as the Taira clan in Japan. She learned about neurotransmitters and synapses, as well as different kinds of brain injuries, in health.

Chickadee reviewed properties of multiplication and division in math. She practiced writing summaries of a narrative in both first and third person. In grammar, she reviewed diagramming the subject and predicate of a sentence. She continued learning about the skeletal system in science, including how bones heal. In history she read about the Byzantine Empire. We continued reading Anne of Green Gables, and made three more recipes from The Anne of Green Gables Cookbook: Chocolate Caramels, Old-Fashioned (Pink) Lemonade and “Cowcumber” Boats:

The weather next week is looking pretty promising, so hopefully we’ll get outdoors!

Chickadee Thursday

Chickadee had fun collecting candy at the town Labor Day parade!

We were also blessed with a streak of days that felt almost like fall, which made getting outside much more fun!