Kantorei Kamp Week 2019

This week was Kantorei Kamp week at Hope Lutheran Church in St. Louis! This time, only Ladybug and Moose were at camp, so Turkey, Bunny, Chickadee, and I had some adventures while they were making music. On Monday, we went to the St. Louis Zoo for a nice walk before it started raining (again), and then went for a treat at Ted Drewes, since the choristers went on an ice cream walk that day:

On Tuesday, we visited the Missouri Botanical Garden, and then joined the choristers for a swim at the YMCA:

We spent the day Wednesday with the choristers, first for their performance at Laclede Groves, and then to take in a performance of The Marriage of Figaro at the Opera Theatre of St. Louis. It was the first time the Fab Five and I had ever seen an opera!

Today we went to the Butterfly House, and then back to Hope for an evening recital of vocal, instrumental, and handbell music!

Oh, the Fab Five and I also had a pizza picnic at Tower Grove Park for dinner:

Here’s a look at several of the pieces the choristers presented this year:

The choir not only has talented singers, but talented musicians, as well, and they joined together for a special arrangement of “Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow.”

They also did two just-for-fun pieces, which were very popular!

And just like that, another year of Kantorei Kamp is done. We’ve very blessed to be able to have our children be part of such great musical instruction!

Chickadee Thursday

At some point soon, I intend to get back to my regular schedule, but for now, here’s a picture from last Saturday’s rally at the Gateway Arch celebrating the St. Louis Blues first-ever Stanley Cup championship!

Update: We went to the Butterfly House this morning, so here’s a picture that’s actually from today!

2016-17 School Year–Week Twenty-Three

Well, February is finally over, so there is that!

It was still a long week. We learned about Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses. More quadratic equations and fractions in math. Turkey and Bunny have continued to write about historical events in writing, and Ladybug has been learning how to diagram sentences that contain a direct address. Some basic physics in science, as well as more mollusks. Nearing the end of Treasure Island, and continuing to read through Greek Myths. WWII and the Holocaust in history. We had a field trip day on Thursday, and visited the Missouri Botanical Garden, the St. Louis Science Center (to see some props they have on display from the Harry Potter movies), and the Butterfly House at Faust Park, so that was a fun day (butterfly photo courtesy of Turkey).

I wish we had time for a break. Easter is pretty late this year, and Holy Week, which is our normal week for spring vacation is feeling like it’s forever and a day from now. But we’ll keep at it, I suppose, unless I get really desperate for a vacation!

Glass at the Butterfly House

One of the reasons I decided to add a visit to the Butterfly House at Faust Park to our field trip day yesterday was because I heard that there more pieces created for the Garden of Glass exhibit on display there. We were not disappointed!

I think out of everything, I liked the mushrooms the best, but all the pieces are beautiful. I think that they will be moved to the Missouri Botanical Garden for the exhibit which begins in May, but for now, you can see them at the Butterfly House. I can’t wait to see what they look like lit up at night!

Chickadee Thursday

Today was field trip day!

We had a nice long walk around the Missouri Botanical Garden, and saw a lot of pretty early spring flowers:

We stopped at the St. Louis Science Center, just to see a few props they had on display from the Harry Potter movies:

And we visited the Butterfly House at Faust Park:

Chickadee used to be afraid to go in there…she did great today, but she still got a little nervous any time a butterfly got too close!

It was a fun way to spend a Thursday in early March!

Paper Kite Butterfly Festival

Today we visited the Butterfly House in Chesterfield, where they’re currently hosting the Paper Kite Butterfly Festival.


We were there in the spring for the Morpho Mania festival, and this was very similar…but this time, instead of the beautiful Blue Morphos, it was beautiful black and white Paper Kites everywhere you looked!


The Butterfly House, another place I had never even stopped at before they placed a cake there last year, is part of the Missouri Botanical Garden family, and is free for members to visit. It’s a very fun place to go and enjoy a bit of nature!