An October Evening in Tower Grove Park

Yesterday evening, Chickadee and I took a walk around Tower Grove Park. It was lovely outside…just the right amount of chilly, and the leaves are starting to turn. There’s nothing I like better than a brisk fall day!

Kantorei Kamp Week 2019

This week was Kantorei Kamp week at Hope Lutheran Church in St. Louis! This time, only Ladybug and Moose were at camp, so Turkey, Bunny, Chickadee, and I had some adventures while they were making music. On Monday, we went to the St. Louis Zoo for a nice walk before it started raining (again), and then went for a treat at Ted Drewes, since the choristers went on an ice cream walk that day:

On Tuesday, we visited the Missouri Botanical Garden, and then joined the choristers for a swim at the YMCA:

We spent the day Wednesday with the choristers, first for their performance at Laclede Groves, and then to take in a performance of The Marriage of Figaro at the Opera Theatre of St. Louis. It was the first time the Fab Five and I had ever seen an opera!

Today we went to the Butterfly House, and then back to Hope for an evening recital of vocal, instrumental, and handbell music!

Oh, the Fab Five and I also had a pizza picnic at Tower Grove Park for dinner:

Here’s a look at several of the pieces the choristers presented this year:

The choir not only has talented singers, but talented musicians, as well, and they joined together for a special arrangement of “Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow.”

They also did two just-for-fun pieces, which were very popular!

And just like that, another year of Kantorei Kamp is done. We’ve very blessed to be able to have our children be part of such great musical instruction!

A Spring Sunday in Tower Grove Park

One of the nice things about driving into St. Louis for choir rehearsal after church on Sundays is that I get to visit some places I otherwise normally wouldn’t. Today I took a walk around Tower Grove Park, and as is always the case in spring, it was love at first sight!

Spring in Tower Grove Park

Yesterday evening, Chickadee and I took a walk around Tower Grove Park. Like it’s next-door neighbor, the Missouri Botanical Garden, as well as Forest Park, we saw lots of tulips in bloom and many flowering trees. This setting is rather unique because of the faux ruins that are one of the central decorative features of the park. In addition to the many gazebos and pavilions, there are also other beautiful buildings on the property, too, as we really enjoyed our stroll!

Fall in Tower Grove Park

We’re blessed to have many beautiful parks in the St. Louis area. I’ve talked a lot about the largest of them, Forest Park, many times, but the second largest, Tower Grove Park, is also gorgeous. It has many beautiful and unique pavilions, statues, a greenhouse, and a private residence (which at least at one time was the home of the park Superintendent), on the property.

This was the first time that I’ve walked around Tower Grove Park in the fall, and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. From the beautiful colors on the trees to the carpets of leaves on the ground, it was an autumnal paradise!