Sartorial Saturday–My Current Favorites

I was thinking about my current Pinup Girl Clothing favorites recently. And while I love all my PUG pieces, I came up with five outfits that I’m really into right now:

The surprising thing about this list is that while most of my PUG items are skirts, right now, three of my top five outfits are dresses. Who knows, though…in a few weeks, the list could be completely different!

Sartorial Saturday–Blue and Yellow

There’s a part of me that is still apprehensive about wearing this much bright color in one outfit. But the Pinup Girl Clothing Mary Blair prints are so cheerful, they just beg to be paired with something bold, so here we are.

I like that the color of the top is found in the skirt, as well, so while it may seem like a shocking combination at first, once you really look at it, the outfit is very well-coordinated!

Sartorial Saturday–Queen of the Castle(s)

The pink castles Jenny skirt was my first-ever clothing purchase from Pinup Girl Clothing (although I had purchased a canvas underskirt from them a few months before this skirt), and it remains one of my favorites. I love that I’m still finding new ways to style it, including new colors of tops that go with it, and brooches I don’t usually pair with it!

Sartorial Saturday–Italian Riviera Blue

There is no other outfit that makes me feel like I’ve stepped out of an episode of I Love Lucy like…well, really any outfit that involves this Pinup Girl Clothing Italian Landscape Jenny skirt. I especially like the way it looks with this blue peasant top…it’s easy to overlook the blue details in the skirt, but the top really makes them stand out!

Sartorial Saturday–Peasant Top Pairings

I own Pinup Girl Clothing peasant tops in several colors, but none of them are as versatile as this bright blue shirt…it goes with almost everything!

It also makes a great backdrop for many of my brooches!

I’m not even going to try to decide which pairing is my favorite…I’m just glad I can wear this top so many different ways!

Sartorial Saturday–Mary Blair March

I had so much fun participating in Mary Blair March last month! Here is a wrap-up of some (but not nearly all!) of the outfits I wore, with a few favorites from other times thrown in for fun:

Next year, I’m going to choose a specific week in March to celebrate Mary Blair, and promote it. Hopefully, even more admirers of her work will join me then, in wearing lots of fun prints in different styles! And if we’re really lucky, maybe Pinup Girl Clothing will have added to their Mary Blair collection before then…I would love to add more items to my wardrobe!

Sartorial Saturday–Bold Blue and Pink Stripes

Since it’s Mary Blair March, I decided to put together another new combination…this time, the pink and white striped Mary Blair circus elephant print skirt with this gorgeous blue peasant top from Pinup Girl Clothing. I was a little worried it wouldn’t work, since the top is so much darker than the elephants, but I love how bold the whole look is!

Sartorial Saturday–Pink and Blue

It’s Mary Blair March! This month, I’ll be sharing different outfits I’ve created using pieces from Pinup Girl Clothing’s “Magic of Mary Blair” collection.

I love how bright and cheerful this umbrella print skirt is. I almost didn’t buy it, because the photos I saw of it online made it looked more subdued…more of a peach than a coral. But when it restocked last year, I decided to take a chance on it, and I’m so glad I did! The color is much more saturated than the pictures led me to believe, and it goes with so many of my tops. Right not, I’m liking it paired with this beautiful blue peasant top…the whole outfit is so cheery and colorful, I almost feel like an Easter egg!

Sartorial Saturday–Fit for a Princess

Pinup Girl Clothing’s castle print Jenny skirt was my first purchase from them (other than a petticoat), and it still remains one of my favorites. I have somehow never managed to pair it with this peasant top before, even though they’re a perfect match. I finally took care of that, and added my replica brooch from the Royal Collection (of course!) to boot:

I’ve been working on more unusual (for me, at least) pairings of some of my favorite pieces…stay tuned for the next Sartorial Saturday!

Paris and Pearls

The Paris print Jenny skirt from Pinup Girl Clothing is rapidly becoming my favorite! The print is gorgeous, and there are so many pretty (and vivid!) colors in the skirt, it’s easy to pair it with many different tops. This gorgeous blue peasant top is my current favorite pairing with the skirt, and I love the outfit even more with the addition of (fake) pearls, including a necklace, brooch, and earrings…I feel like it was all made to go together!