The Twelfth Day of Advent

Bag 18 of Lego Hogwarts Castle is complete, and the Fab Five are nearing the end of book two of the instructions!

Tonight’s wine was new to me…a Colombard from France, which I actually thought was pretty good considering it was a white wine.

I wore my other penguin brooch today, and while it still isn’t specifically a Christmas brooch, I think it’s just adorable!

The Eleventh Day of Advent

Bag 17 of Lego Hogwarts Castle involved paneling, which also provided some much-needed support:

Tonight’s wine was a Malbec from Argentina:

And I wore my very most special and sparkly Christmas brooch today!

The Tenth Day of Advent

Today the Fab Five started building the big tower of Lego Hogwarts Castle from bag 16, and I can’t believe how much bigger that addition has made the set look!

Tonight’s wine was kind of new to me…it was a Pinot Grigio Blush from Italy. I’ve had Pinot Grigio before, but never a blush variety, so it was fun to try something different!

Today’s brooch wasn’t specifically Christmas, but I think this adorable blue penguin from the Erstwilder/Pete Cromer collaboration fits right in!

The Ninth Day of Advent

Bag 15 of Lego Hogwarts Castle is complete!

Tonight’s wine was a Red Blend from Australia:

My brooch today was a very sparkly star from Erstwilder…it’s unbelievably beautiful!

The Eighth Day of Advent

The second week of Advent is here! Today the Fab Five built bags 13 & 14 of Lego Hogwarts Castle…it’s really starting to take shape!

My wine was a new one to me…a Chenin Blanc from South Africa:

My brooch for the day was a sprig of mistletoe from Erstwilder:

The Seventh Day of Advent

It’s hard to believe that today is the final day of the first week Advent…it always flies by so quickly! The Fab Five built bags 10-12 of Lego Hogwarts Castle. It’s nice to have extra time on the weekends to make up for the fact that there are more bags of parts than days of Advent!

Since it is the end of the first week of Advent, here’s a closer look at some of my favorite details from the set so far:

Tonight’s wine was a RosĂ© from ChilĂ©:

And I wore my holly brooch from Erstwilder to St. Charles, MO, where we attended the Christmas Traditions festival:

Sartorial Saturday–Have Yourself a Kitschy Little Christmas

A few years ago, I was thrilled to order the “Kitschy Christmas” skirt from The Oblong Box Shop, my first Christmas print piece. This year, when they previewed a new version of the skirt in green, I knew I needed to add it to my wardrobe, even though I normally wouldn’t buy a duplicate print, despite the colorway being vastly different.

In the time since I bought the red version of the skirt, the material has changed slightly. It’s still polyester (my least favorite thing about the skirt), but the weave is far superior, and the skirt flows much better.

Of course, accessories are important. I decided to run with the pink and green theme, which is perfect, because I have a lovely new Erstwilder brooch, that reminds me of Lucy’s request in A Charlie Brown Christmas: “A great, big, shiny, aluminum Christmas tree…maybe painted pink!” It’s even more beautiful than you can imagine, with lovely silver threads garlanding across it. As always, I added a stack of Splendette Duchess Bangles, this time in green and pink, plus pink earrings, a favorite necklace, and my new favorite belt, featuring a bow:

I love how perfectly my mint Sabrina top from Pinup Girl Clothing goes with the skirt!

This is definitely a new favorite Christmas look, and I’m going to wear it as often as possible in the coming weeks!

The Sixth Day of Advent

Happy St. Nicholas Day!

The ninth bag of pieces for Lego Hogwarts Castle included the introduction of some stained glass!

Tonight I had a really good wine…a Shiraz from South Africa. Shiraz is my favorite wine, so I was really pleased with this selection!

Since today is St. Nicholas Day, I thought a present brooch would be appropriate, and this particular pieces was even a free gift-with-purchase from Erstwilder! (Wearing it on a red shirt may have been a mistake, though!)

The Fifth Day of Advent

Tonight the Fab Five started the second instruction book of Lego Hogwarts Castle with the eighth bag of pieces.

I had a Chardonnay from Australia…I’m not a huge fan of white wines, but I like this kind pretty well.

For today’s brooch, I went with an Erstwilder snowflake, placed on a “sausage dogs” scarf, also from Erstwilder:

We’re looking forward to St. Nicholas Day tomorrow!

The Fourth Day of Advent

Wednesdays are also busy for us between catechesis for Chickadee in the late afternoon and the Advent midweek service at church in the evening, so today was another day for building just one bag of Lego Hogwarts Castle. Bag seven also marked the end of the first of four instruction books, but the Fab Five are certainly not a quarter of the way done with the set yet!

Finally, a red! Tonight’s wine was a Tempranillo from Spain, and I really enjoyed it.

My brooch for the day was a retro Christmas ornament which matches my kitschy Christmas tree print skirts from The Oblong Box Shop.