The Eighteenth Day of Advent

The Fab Five are in the home stretch of Lego Hogwarts Castle…they started the fourth and final instruction book with the steps for bag 28 today!

Tonight’s wine was another red blend from Spain:

I went with a duo of Christmas tree brooches for maximum sparkle today:

The Seventeenth Day of Advent

The Fab Five finished another two bags of Lego Hogwarts Castle today, to finish off the third instruction book…only 10 steps left!

For the second day in a row, I had a wine I’ve never heard of before…this time a Viognier from France. It was very different from any white wine I’ve had before, and I kind of liked it!

Still feeling wintry following our snowstorm, so I wore this adorable blue penguin brooch again:

The Sixteenth Day of Advent

Since we had a snow day today, the Fab Five built two bags of Lego Hogwarts Castle, instead of their usual weekday one.

Tonight’s wine was a red I’ve never had (or even heard of!) before, a Carignan from France, and I loved it…it may be my favorite so far!

In honor of our snow day, I wore my winter-iest Erstwilder brooch duo…a snowflake and a pair of skates:

The Fifteenth Day of Advent

I can’t believe today marked the start of the third week of Advent…it always goes by far too quickly!

The Fab Five worked on the first two bags (numbers 22 & 23), of pieces for the third instruction book of Lego Hogwarts Castle. It looks like they started over from the beginning! Besides the base for the next part of the building, they also built Hagrid’s Hut, which is adorable:

Back to white wine tonight, with a Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand:

And I wore my Erstwilder mistletoe brooch again today!

The Fourteenth Day of Advent

OK, I lied…there were actually two bags left for the second instruction book of Lego Hogwarts Castle. But the Fab Five finished them both today, and I think this section of the castle is now complete…it’s really tall!

Can you believe this is the end of the second week of Advent?!? Here’s a look at some of my favorite details that have been added to the set since last Saturday:

Tonight’s wine was a red blend from Italy, which was a nice departure from the whites of the last few days!

I finally had to repeat a brooch. I decided to go with my Erstwilder Christmas present, but this time on a striped shirt, which was a much better background for it!

Sartorial Saturday-Christmas Brooches

Earlier this year, I shared a photo of my Erstwilder brooch collection. I thought it would be fun to share a picture of my Christmas brooch collection (which has grown quite a bit this year), too. I have mostly Erstwilder pieces, although there are also a few others in there, including my very most sparkly brooch, which was the first one I received. Some of the Erstwilder pieces in the photo aren’t specifically Christmas, but more general winter, but I’m still counting them. I love how many festive options I have!

The Thirteenth Day of Advent

Happy St. Lucia Day!

Only one more bag left to go in instruction book two of Lego Hogwarts Castle! Ladybug was very excited because she got to add some of the moving stairs in the tower today:

I was a little disappointed with my wine selection tonight, a Pinot Grigio from Italy, because it was the second straight day of white wine, and I was really hoping for a red!

I have been wanting to wear this set of Erstwilder matryoshka brooches on St. Lucia Day since I first saw them last year (and didn’t think I’d ever be able to buy a set!). I know matryoshkas are more commonly associated with Russia, but there’s something about this particular item that reminds me of Sweden…probably because of the lovely shades of blue. Anyway, I think they were the perfect accessory today!

The Twelfth Day of Advent

Bag 18 of Lego Hogwarts Castle is complete, and the Fab Five are nearing the end of book two of the instructions!

Tonight’s wine was new to me…a Colombard from France, which I actually thought was pretty good considering it was a white wine.

I wore my other penguin brooch today, and while it still isn’t specifically a Christmas brooch, I think it’s just adorable!

The Tenth Day of Advent

Today the Fab Five started building the big tower of Lego Hogwarts Castle from bag 16, and I can’t believe how much bigger that addition has made the set look!

Tonight’s wine was kind of new to me…it was a Pinot Grigio Blush from Italy. I’ve had Pinot Grigio before, but never a blush variety, so it was fun to try something different!

Today’s brooch wasn’t specifically Christmas, but I think this adorable blue penguin from the Erstwilder/Pete Cromer collaboration fits right in!

The Ninth Day of Advent

Bag 15 of Lego Hogwarts Castle is complete!

Tonight’s wine was a Red Blend from Australia:

My brooch today was a very sparkly star from Erstwilder…it’s unbelievably beautiful!